Both physical activity and time spent in nature are known to aid people with a variety of health conditions, and the conceptual notion of the “Blue Gym” proposed by Depledge and Bird in 2009 combines exercise and the sea as a way of positively influencing health and well-being. We know from our own experiences that when we are in or by the water, we feel better. So we committed to go out and immerse ourselves in the sea for 100 days.

This isn’t a film about a glamorous dip in a tropical ocean every day, it’s a real challenge. We knew from the start that this was going to be hard, but along the way we have learned so much more about our own bodies; the aquatic environment around us; and the science behind “Vitamin Sea”, and connected to an amazing community of chronic illness sufferers and wild swimmers online.

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Fresh out of the water on day 2 of #100d

In August 2017, Beth was diagnosed with a chronic health condition and saw the life she wanted slowly crumbling away before her eyes. Instead of being full of life, she found herself tired, in pain and lethargic most days. But she decided to try and retake control of my health by using the best resource she had available – the sea. 100 Days of Vitamin Sea documents the journey of Beth and partner Andy, in their attempt to regain health and connect with the natural environment around them.