To celebrate the 100th day of 100 Days of Vitamin Sea we are inviting you to join us in enjoying the water.

Whether it be in person or from afar, join with us on the 7th April 2019 (World Health Day) to celebrate the magic of Vitamin Sea!

On the day we will be swimming in the sea at Llanddona beach in Anglesey, North Wales but for you this could be anything active around the water, whether it be a walk along the canal, SCUBA dive or surfing - anything you can manage. This celebration is not just for those with chronic migraine, anyone is welcome to join us.

On the day we will be shooting footage for our documentary film “100 Days of Vitamin Sea” (if you do not want to be featured then please let us know, this won’t be an issue) and we are asking people to film clips of themselves celebrating this day from all around the world and sharing on social media #100thdayofvitaminsea. We currently have over 50 people joining us to celebrate Vitamin Sea from 15 countries, 13 oceans and seas, and countless other bodies of water around the world

(check out the map below)!

Find out more about joining us


And check out our Facebook event page!

07 Apr 2019, 13:00
Llanddona Beach
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